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The Coefficient of Friction describes the ratio of the force of friction between two bodies and the force pressing them together. The coefficient of friction depends on the materials used.  For example, ice on steel has a low coefficient of friction, while rubber on pavement has a high coefficient of friction. Coefficients of friction range from near zero to greater than one.


Material against bow grip                   Coefficient of Friction

                     Skin                                    0.90   -  pretty sticky hands

                   Rubber                           0.55   -  hunting gloves with dots

                  Leather                                                  0.50

                            Cotton                             0.45   -  standard hunting gloves

                    Suede                                                    0.40

                      Silk                                                       0.40

                    Fleece                                                    0.20

                 Polyester                                                 0.20

                    Nylon                                                     0.20

                 Slick Shot                                     0.07  -  nice and slicky


The less friction between the shooter and bow, the less likely torqueing will occur.  If  you aren't shooting with a Slick Shot, you haven't minimized torque.

Friction Information

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