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Frequently Asked Questions



How Do I Place An Order?​

Go to the Slick Shot page to purchase online or get in touch with us to learn more and place an order personally.

What is Bow torque?

A twisting, lateral force put on a bow by the shooter's bow hand,  which affects left-to-right accuracy.


How does Slick Shot work to reduce torque?

By providing a low friction surface contacting the bow. The bow is allowed to move freely and align with the arrow properly in the drawn position creating a consistent shot.

Slick Shot with Elastic Straps​



How do I attach the Slick Shot?

The Slick Shot is a handheld device attached by 2 elastic or neoprene straps. With the colored neoprene material against the bow hand, attach one strap to the thumb, the other to the forefinger, and pull the elastic straps to tighten.  If there are neoprene straps, just slide your fingers into the straps.

How do I use the Slick Shot?

Once attached to the hand, draw normally. At full draw, relax the fingers, DO NOT GRIP. In order for the Slick Shot to operate correctly the bow must be allowed to come to its natural pivot point. This can only be achieved by not gripping the bow.

Slick Shot with Neoprene Straps​




Can I clean the Slick Shot?

If the slick surface becomes dirty, you can clean it with alcohol. You can also wash the whole device with warm soap and water.  Pat it dry and let it dry out and you are all set to go.

Will the Slick Shot change my draw length?

The Slick Shot is made of neoprene (2 - 2.5 mm thick) and slick material (6 thousandths of an inch thick) and totals .105" thick, making it less then 1/8" thick overall.  For most archers, this will not be noticed as having an affect to your draw length.

Slick Shot Thickness - .105"
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