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Archery Innovations:​


Maker of the anchor sight 


Freedom From the Peep


Intelligence you need

Built to Hunt Since 2003


“I have used the Slick Shot for the last three weeks practicing/hunting and can say without a doubt it has improved my shooting, especially left to right groupings caused by the slightest torque. First arrow accuracy is much more consistent and that is a big issue for any Bow hunter. I hunt from the ground…set up small blind, quickly clear shooting lanes when needed and hardly noticed the Slick Shot on my gloved hand. This is a neat product. “  

Lynn Asher - Inventor of the Anchor Sight and owner of Archery Innovations

Pouliot's Archery LLC:


Local Bow Shop in Monkton, Vermont

Owner/Operater by Mark Pouliot, Inventor Slick Shot


With everything the bowhunter needs.

Custom arrows and bowstrings.  Complete bow tuning resulting in better arrow and broadhead flight.

Perry's No Peep:​


Increased confidence in

the woods or at the range.

Pin point accuracy....

add 8-10 minutes to your hunt.


Many archer's are torqueing the bow at full draw and don't realize it.  After testing Slick Shot I can tell you it will put you in a

natural "non torque grip".  Slick Shot simply works!  Perry Williams - Owner of Perry’s No Peep archery sights

Bow-A-Constrictor bow press:​


Home of the World's Safest and Most Versatile Bow Press


Hi Mark,
Got my slick shot in today. This thing is the biggest piece of awesomeness

I ever had as far as grip assistance goes. Good job man!!!!  I'll be putting it to more testing real soon once I get my new E35 in.  Thanks,  Frank Schneider President, CEO - Buckeye Archery Solutions


Hot Snap Z:​


Reusable Hand Warmers



Hi Mark,

Was just out shooting this morning with the Slick Shot, Love it!   Early results show that the Slick Shot is working great and adds a level of forgiveness when settling into anchor position and minimizing, or may I say eliminate, any torque.  Advantages are much more apparent with the 50 and 60 yarders I was drilling today, 1.5” groups at 60 yards, I kid you not.  That’s the best I have ever shot at that distance, especially with 4-8 mph gusty conditions.  When you’re at full draw it’s real easy to move the bow string and see how easily the grip just follows and rotates to follow. 

Warmest Regards, Ray Wolfe - Owner of Hot Snap Z



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