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Welcome to Slick Shot Archery! Home of the Slick Shot bow torque eliminator.  After years of testing we have developed the perfect solution to practically eliminate bow torque. Our simple device provides a frictionless interface between you and the bow which can:


  • Tame torque - your bow settles where it needs to be in your hand, not where you think it should be.

  • Increase accuracy, especially w/broadheads.

  • Decrease bow tuning time - with no induced/ inconsistent torque, tuning is much faster.

  • Increase bow forgiveness - small deviations in your form are less problematic since the bow floats more in your hand.

  • Increased comfort - provides insulation and padding with metal grips.

  • Increase arrow penetration - since your arrow launches straighter, it hits straighter and therefore penetrates better.

The perfect shot, every time




Bow torque eliminator
Bow torque eliminator
Bow torque eliminator
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