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“I have used the Slick Shot for the last three weeks practicing/hunting and can say without a doubt it has improved my shooting, especially left to right groupings caused by the slightest torque. First arrow accuracy is much more consistent and that is a big issue for any Bow hunter. I hunt from the ground…set up small blind, quickly clear shooting lanes when needed and hardly noticed the Slick Shot on my gloved hand. This is a neat product. “       
Lynn Asher - Inventor of the Anchor Sight and owner of Archery Innovations


"Many archer's are torqueing the bow at full draw and don't realize it. After testing Slick Shot I can tell you it will put you in a natural "non torque grip", Slick Shot simply works!"
Perry Williams - Inventor/owner of Perry's No Peep Archery Sights
"Hi Mark - Got my slick shot in today. This thing is the biggest piece of awesomeness I ever had as far as grip assistance goes. Good job man!!!!  I'll be putting it to more testing real soon once I get my new E35 in.  Thanks"    Frank Schneider President, CEO - Buckeye Archery Solutions


"The No Peep aligns every time with the Slick Shot.  The Slick Shot has greatly reduced any left-right inconsistencies I had due to hand torque.  I found it works really well with gloves.  I always had left-right problems with gloves because they would change hand position.  The Slick Shot solves the problem."                   Jim Sherman - Owner of Timberline Archery, Sights and No Peep
“Hi Mark - Was just out shooting this morning with the Slick Shot, Love it!   Perry of Perry’s No Peep Sight suggested I try your product.  Early results show that the Slick Shot is working great and adds a level of forgiveness when settling into anchor position and minimizing, or may I say eliminate, any torque.  Advantages are much more apparent with the 50 and 60 yarders I was drilling today. I sighted in a PSE Freak SP this morning using the Slick Shot and Perry’s No Peep.  1.5” groups at 60 yards, I kid you not.  That’s the Best I have ever shot at that distance, especially with 4-8 mph gusty conditions. When you’re at full draw it’s real easy to move the bow string and see how easily the grip just follows and rotates to follow.”                  
Ray Wolfe - owner of Hot Snap Z​


“Mark - I feel compelled to write you a quick review. Rarely do I buy something that noticeably improves my groups right away. Never have I bought something for close to $16.99 that improves my shooting. For the money giving your product a try was a no-brainer for me and I am glad I did. My groups have halved at 50 yards what they were without the Slick Shot. I highly recommend this for anyone having trouble with inconsistent grip. I used to find that when I pulled the bow back once in a while I could tell it was not quite right (and I’m sure there were other times I couldn’t tell) and now it feels right every time.   I’d like to add that I thought putting the Slick Shot on the glove every time would be a pain but it’s not. I just leave it attached to my glove and take the whole thing on and off.  Thanks for a great product at a great price. ”    Trevor B. - British Columbia, Canada
Mark and Perry - Wanted to share some shots of my first ever Robin
Hood shot!  I posted these on Reddit and was accused of staging the
shot!   I’m telling you it’s legitimate and your products made it look
this way!  Now it’s only solving the variation of the shooter that’s the
problem!  Warmest Regards.       Ray Wolfe - owner of Hot Snap Z


"As you can see, there is an improvement with the Slick Shot,
I am glad I bought one, I feel it will only improve my accuracy
in the future."       Anton - Melbourne, Australia



“I had to switch to a five dot target while shooting my league.  I never shoot without my Slick Shot.”    
George L. - Hinesburg, Vermont
“On the second round at 30 yards, 3 shots (of 5) passed through the target dead center and one of the shots Robin-Hooded the other.”                  George F. from Manchester, New Hampshire
“I have noticed more arrows than previously, going into the X-ring. Previously, I would see more
left and rights when shooting which were caused by torque.”          John T. from Shafer, Minnesota
“I felt the big improvement to my shooting was when it got hot and sticky out. The Slick Shot kept the
sweat off the bow and I still could feel the bow settle in my hand.”   Michael P. from Bangor, Michigan
“I've shot approximately 200-350 arrows with it on and my 40 yard groups decreased from 4 inches to 2 inches. I had my buddy use it to set up his IQ bow sight and it worked very well.”
Jon D. from Necedah, Wisconsin
"Hey Mark, I just got back from a trip to Boise. Met up with a high
school buddy and we shot a shoot put on by Treasure Valley
Bowhunters. Probably around 200 shooters, total. I won the old
fart division pretty handily and also shot the overall top score of
the shoot. Here's a pic of the medal I won with the slick shot in
hand.  It's working real well.                 Steve Wood, Spokane Valley, WA
I decided to order a Slick Shot to see if would help me fix my problem/problems. At first it felt a little weird when drawing. I thought the bow might slide out of my hand and hit me but I got the hang of it fairly quick.  One thing that did happen was my bare shaft results became totally repeatable/identical every shot. With a few tweaks to the bow I had it dialed in at 20yrds with fletched shafts. One thing the Slick Shot has done for me is to help me figure out what I was doing wrong with my grip. Now 98% of the time I can duplicate my shots without the Slick Shot. BUT, down here in Louisiana right now it's getting fairly warm and humid. So the more I shot, my hands were starting to sweat and get sticky. My groups began to spread out.  Hmmmm, so I put the Slick Shot back on and VIOLA! it solved the problem.    Zane W.  Lafayette, LA

w/o Slick Shot

with Slick Shot

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